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ADP Dashboard and Testing

FIERO, big data, and geo-location income insights.


ADP's goal is to leverage their proprietary data assets to create new information products that enable companies of all sizes to make decisions with clarity.

Guiding Principle

At all times, maintain confidentiality at both personal and company level and alleviate re-identification possibilities by leveraging only anonymized and aggregated data.

To comply with our non-disclosure agreement, We have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.  The information in this case study is Vultus’ own and does not necessarily reflect the views of ADP.

Project Team

Chris Snyder — CEO
Deidre Drewes — Project Manager
Cassie Allinger —Business Intelligence
Ana Ochando — Account Executive
ADP Internal — Engineering Team

Erik Bjarnason — UI/UX Designer
Craig Schinnerer — Business Development
Scott Sagan — Copywriter


Our role

We lead the UX design team and our responsibilities include: the research, UI/UX design, A/B testing, and the wires to composition execution for these projects. We were also responsible for the infographic and presentation design.

The portal experience is an adaptive web-based experience that allows users to find income data, gain geo-location insights, as well as employee migration data.

The app store redesign allows the users to find the newest ADP applications and their uses with minimal clicking.

The Challenge

The goal was to create an immersive experience for our site’s users that allows them to utilize accurate, real-time economic data to drive forward-thinking marketing insights and optimizations, as well as break the data and segment it down to the census block level for unique, actionable insights.

The ADP Appstore is a marketplace of 200+ apps available to over 600,000+ ADP clients. The apps offered fall into the following categories: find new talent, onboarding, time & expense, develop & reward, process payroll, provide benefits and run my business. The main objectives of the Appstore are to increase free trials, sales and leads.

Business Objectives for the App Store

  • Easy to buy, sell and use
  • Seamless search, filter and comparison for the right solutions
  • Trust and confidence building with social proofs and feedback
  • Convenient, hassle-free trial and purchasing experience
  • Behavior data analytics to drive better audience insights, matching and relevant recommendation experience


The Big Data venture requires additional scenarios to augment the recently completed scenario library. These scenarios will target the media vertical and will help decision-makers to understand how they can include ADP data to maximize their online and offline marketing efforts.

The solutions being offered to this audience include the ADP raw-data set, Real Income PeopleFlow, Real Income Location Insights, CompStandard

Business & Marketing Objectives

We will measure the success of this asset by their ability to move prospective customers from the NDA and initial meeting stage of the sales cycle to a signed and, potentially, paid POC.

The movement of prospective clients into this stage of the sales cycle will indicate that these assets enabled our sales channel to effectively articulate and illustrate how ADP data can help improve marketing efforts and drive increased ROI.


  • Optimization targeting for enhance ROI from Online/Digital Marketing
    • SEM
    • Online Display Advertising
  • Offline
    • Billboards
    • Direct Mail
      • list augmentation and focus
    • Look-a-like models to use for the services above
      • Leverage ADP data to create look-a-like models to target online and offline audiences more effectively
        • Offer development by geography
          • What products to offer
          • What prices to offer them at
        • ADP data used to focus online based on Zip code
          • Focus on the areas that include an advertisers target market
            • Could provide an enhanced understanding of the products and offers that market is most likely to respond to
          • Suppress geographies that do not include an advertisers target market
            • Or, develop offers for different products/services for those geographies
          • Leverage Garnishment data to enable greater depth of analysis and understanding of a target audience’s behavior and timing
            • For example, an advertiser working in the travel or home improvement industry might want to target audiences at a time when they are anticipating receiving their bonus

Communications Objectives

The communication objective for this asset is education: how can ADP data be used to augment existing marketing efforts and increase efficiency and ROI? While relatively top-of-funnel, these slides will fall somewhere between the awareness and nurturing stages of the sales process.

From an awareness perspective we need to ensure that our audience understands that, while they might be already leveraging income data in their analysis and planning, that data is likely outdated, incomplete and inaccurate. In contrast, ADP data is relatively up-to-date, complete and accurate as it is derived from the aggregated and anonymized payroll information from the 20MM US employees whose payroll ADP processes. It is the volume of data that ADP brings to bear that makes our data-set unique.

From a nurturing perspective, we will need to educate our audience and enable them to understand the scenarios where leveraging this type of income data in the context of geography can lead to increased conversions and ROI based on more effective targeting of products and offers.

Target Audience

The target audience for this asset is anyone in the marketing and media industry that is involved in either acquiring, integrating, analyzing or otherwise using data for the purposes of developing personas, creating offers and messaging and developing geo-based plans for deploying advertising or marketing efforts.

Job titles could include, but are not limited to:

  • Media planner
  • Media buyer
  • Database Manager (or other related levels of tenure, such as director)
  • Audience Development Manager (or other related levels of tenure, such as director)
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Acquisition Officer
  • Marketing Manager/Digital Marketing Manager (or other related levels of tenure, such as director)
  • Account Director (or other related levels of tenure, such as Account Supervisor)
  • Vice President, Strategy (or other related levels of tenure)

Incorporating this type of real income data in the context of geography into existing and new marketing efforts can lead to increased conversions and ROI from marketing spend.

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