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BLNCD is the best place to search for jobs that fit medical professionals personal and professional criteria.
We show you what life would look like in a new job and prioritize the interests you care about.


BLNCD was founded in 2018 and helps medical professionals discover jobs and places that align with their interests. BLNCD was looking to a deck to gather interest from investors as well as a social advertising campaign to drive doctors and nurses to job leads within cities and communities they may not have been thinking of living in.

My responsibilities includes media direction, brand alignment, market research, photography color correction, sound engineering, videography, and animation.


Lack of context and content causes missed connections between care providers and employers in an inefficient, fragmented medical job market Kindred platform replaces all of these problems with a sustainable, consistent, social approach to talent marketing.

What job ads tell candidates:

  • Hours/schedule
  • Salary
  • Standard list of desired skills they obviously have
  • How to send in an application
  • Exceedingly vague boilerplate paragraph about an organization’s “values.”

What candidates want to know:

  • Hours/Schedule
  • Salary
  • What are the people like?
  • What would my lifestyle be like?
  • Housing? Schools? Culture?
  • How can I connect with someone in this organization?

BLNCD: A Personalized, Content Rich Approach:

BLNCD is a content fueled job discovery and recommendation platform that helps people find the perfect position, on their time, based on their lifestyle and criteria.

Market Size:

  • ~1,000,000 physicians in the US
  • ~200,000 Nurse Practitioners | ~100,000 Physician’s Assistants
  • 230K medical practices, 5K hospitals
  • 50% of physicians change jobs in first 2 years
  • Medical staffing is $12B industry overall
  • Residents and newly licenses mid-levels are first user base
  • Resident recruitment cycle runs September – March

Pain Points for the Employee:

  • Web 1.0 job search experiences — no discovery, context, or media
  • Pushy phone calls and spam from recruiters — not efficient
  • Millennials don’t know the process, have no experience — but want mobile and media
  • 72% of physician turnover is culture and community

Pain Points for the Healthcare Employer:

  • Demand for providers on the rise with ACA $12B medical staffing business using old tactics and tech
  • $20K-$40K placement fee, total recruiting cost can be $100K per physician
  • Small practices and out-of-the-way towns lack the ability to market themselves
  • Physicians don’t have time or resources to research lesser-known locations
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