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DosaMaker eCommerce and a Brand for the Future

The DosaMaker is a simple and easy-to-use countertop appliance that makes fresh, authentic dosas in your home.


DosaMaker needed to break away from it's Indian-centric branding as well as create a frictionless e-commerce experience that allows the user to engage in a meaningful way with the new DosaMaker brand.

Guiding Principle

With the DosaMaker everyone can make fresh, healthy – vegan & gluten-free, too – dosas in 3 easy steps.  The task is to convey that message to a large audience, allow for the purchase of the appliance without blockers, and create a holistic experience for engagement, recipes, and feedback.

To comply with our non-disclosure agreement, We have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.  The information in this case study is Vultus’ own and does not necessarily reflect the views of DosaMaker.

Project Team

Arvind Krishnan — CEO
Matt Michalko — UI Designer & Video Editor

Erik Bjarnason — UI/UX Designer & Developer
Craig Schinnerer — Business Development
Scott Sagan — Copywriter

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Our role

Our responsibilities include: the research, UI/UX design, A/B testing, and the wires to composition execution for this project. We were also responsible for the presentation pitch deck design and engineering of the site.

The Challenge

DosaMaker started as Soul of India as a Kickstarter campaign.  The brand wanted to streamline it’s webshop and actively build out it’s social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They also want to create an engagement portal through their recipe blog where dosa lovers can share and trade recipes and cooking tricks.

Brand Color Explorations

Site Wires


User behavior and their pain points between the Kickstater campaign and the site before the relaunch:

  1. Original Kickstart backers are unsure about the new branding and what the DosaMaker is making itself out to be.
  2. Users wanted to see how they could use the machine in the long term and how the site will continue to update and give them incentives.
  3. Users were unsure about how to use the machine.
  4. Users on mobile devices browsed recipes far more than looking over the details of the product itself.
  5. Users asked for a guide to walk them through the usage of the Dosamaker.

Original Site

Original Kickstarter

Final Site Build

Video Creation

Coupled with the site launch we created video tutorials for educating the users on recipes, using the DosaMaker, as well as storing batter for future usage.

Increased Time on Site
Increase in Purchases
Distribution Routes Created
Featured Items